o Rice

Basmati / non Basmati
White /Parboiled
100% Broken Rice

o Corn / Maize

Human consumption
Cattle Feed

o Sugar
Refined Sugar
Crystal Sugar
Raw Brown Sugar


Oils Products

o Crude

Degummed Rapeseed Oil
CDRO - DIN 51605

o Refined Rapeseed Oil
o Sun flower Oil
o Soybean Oil

o Palm Oil

o Olive Oil
o Canola Oil

o Corn Oil
o Almond Oil
o Vegetable Oils





o Antibiotics
o Bulk Drugs
o Formulations
o Nutraceuticals
o Herbal Products
o Health Supplements

o Medical Grade

o Contract
Manufacturing /
Loan License / OEM




o Aero Space Components
o Automobile parts
o Hand tools
o Stainless Steel Utensils
o Dry Batteries

o Non Ferrous Metals
o Mining Machinery
o Engg. Equipments
o CNG Machines

o Machine Tools

o Various other Engg. products




o Red Granite
o Black Granite
o Jet Black Granite
o Black Galaxy
o Green Galaxy
o Ruby Red Granite

o Tropical Brown
o Steel Grey
o Black Pearl
o Silk granite
o Imperial Red
o Many moreā€¦..




o Babies Garments
o Under Garments
o T-Shirts
o Shirts
o Home Textiles
o Carpets

o Floor Coverings
o Bed Linen
o Kitchen Linen
o Table Linen


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